Edited By Christine Wertheim

Identity is dead. The 21st-century subject is an unstable fiction with no identifiable features or group affiliations. He’s a man without inherent qualities, a post-human ideal. But those who have long been hailed as Other exist in a different relation to this ideal. Unlike those traditionally self-possessed |s, these Others may find themselves split between a yearning to be contemporary and unqualified, and longing for a continued allegiance to their qualitative, albeit constructed, group identity.

It is with an awareness of this more ambiguous and refined notion of self that Feminaissance approaches questions of femininity and its relation to writing. Topics include: collectivity; feminine écriture; the politics of writing; text and voice; the body as a site of contestation, insurgence and pleasure; race and writing; gender as performance; writing about other women writers; economic inequities; Hélène Cixous; monstrosity; madness; and aesthetics.

Featuring Bhanu Kapil, Caroline Bergvall, Chris Kraus, Christine Wertheim, Dodie Bellamy, Eileen Myles, Juliana Spahr, Lidia Yuknavitch, Maggie Nelson, Meiling Cheng, Stephanie Young, Susan McCabe, Tracie Morris, Vanessa Place, Wanda Coleman





Perfect, Softcover