The Field

A Poem

by Martin Glaz Serup
Translated by Christopher Sand-Iversen

Cover Art By Lise Harlev

“The field is a lot. It wants its life to be honest and true and surprising. But how. The field doesn’t know.”

What, or who, is The Field? Martin Glaz Serup calls it “everybody’s autobiography” and Joanna Drucker calls it a “cosmology of banalities.” Cia Rinne says it “could be any average person living in a western society,” while Dmitry Golynko says “maybe the field equals the inner mapping of human psychic activity.”

The Field is place and character, poem and contemporary novel. The book’s text first existed as installations in art galleries in Copenhagen and Los Angeles. First released in 2010 in book form, the original Danish title–Marken—quickly sold out of its first printing, and the Finnish translation—Kenttä—will be released later this year. Is The Field on its way to becoming an international phenomenon? The Field is, after all, the perfect space and persona for readers’ self-projections, old and new.

Les Figues Press is proud to release the English-translation of The Field, perfectly bound in book form. This is The Field and it’s all about you.





Perfect, Softcover