TrenchArt: Recon

Aesthetic Essays in Varied Form

Edited By Teresa Carmody
Introduction By Teresa Carmody
Cover Art By Renée Petropoulos

Hand-bound in an edition of 230, TrenchArt: Recon introduces the sixth annual TrenchArt series, with aesthetics written by participating series writers and visual artist, Renée Petropoulos. “Recon” for reconnaissance, recognition, a preliminary survey to gain information, an exploratory military survey of enemy territory. The Recon series writers use appropriation, constraint, and generative processes to explore new possibilities for such literary stand-bys as lyric, plot or portrait. Together, these books provide an aerial view, a survey, of ways writers are approaching this question: what does one make in, and of, the brokenness. The series includes TrenchArt: Recon; Negro Marfil / Ivory Black; By Kelman Out Of Pessoa; Tall, Slim & Erect: Portraits of the Presidents; and The Phonemes.

Table of Contents

  • Making In the Broken: An Introduction | Teresa Carmody
  • Mayfly | Frances Richard
  • Methodical Mad Science | Doug Nufer
  • Naturaleza del Poema (The Nature of the Poem) | Myriam Moscona
  • The Nature of Translation | Jen Hofer
  • From Mexico to Brazil to the United States | Renee Petropoulos, with marginalia by Sianne Ngai and Veronica Gonzalez
  • Ars Poetica | Alex Forman
Featuring Alex Forman, Doug Nufer, Frances Richard, Renée Petropoulos, Sianne Ngai, Teresa Carmody, Veronica Gonzalez